Welcome to my Natural Skincare Products Store!

Temple Keepers has heard and listened to your skincare concerns and needs. In addition to your voice being heard we also want you to understand the importance of holistic skincare. Your skin is your largest organ, and far from being just a passive “covering” on your body, your skin is a complex system made up of nerves, glands and cell layers that play an intricate role in your health. So it is up to you to do the research and educate yourself on ingredients in the skin care products that you use. Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration has no authority to require companies to test cosmetics products for safety? The agency does not review or approve the vast majority of products or ingredients before they go on the market (EWG.org). This encouraged me to create other skin care products that are energetically holistic sustaining the health of your skin and body.

My skin care products are made with non-toxic, organic (where applicable), healing and detoxifying ingredients that support the skin, mind, and body.