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Welcome to Temple Keepers Online Store!

As the CEO of Temple Keepers, I continue to evolve and grow as a spirit being, having a human experience on this earth, my evolution is reflected in the services and products that I provide to you, my wellness clients. I am shifting direction and I will continue making my aromatic candles and handcrafted soaps, hand sanitizer, and insect repellent. The body butter and butter bars are available as a special order only. My focus going forward is to provide you with knowledge on taking care of your body 'Temple'. In the U.S. our food source is sub-standard. We are bombarded with so many choices of processed and fast food that deplete our bodies with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function at optimum level. Awareness of what you are consuming and how to refuel your body and stay well is my goal.

Temple Keepers is excited to announce our new wellness program - REFUELED FOR LIFE. This program focuses on balance and a complete lifestyle change. To learn more about it Book a FREE call with me to discover how you can take your power back. Remember that 'Wellness is your birthright.'

SHOP NOW at our Online store and save 20% off of all orders - use code PLYXBGHW7UHA.

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