My name is Leslie Nicole Harmon. I am a traditional naturopath (N.D.) and a holistic wellness lifestyle coach, as well as a Certified Reflexologist. I began my journey with Temple Keepers in 1998 in Atlanta, GA out of a personal health challenge that I was trying to manage. My journey to obtain balance and wholeness in my mind body and spirit has evolved over the last 20 years. I am very passionate about educating the universal community on the importance of nutrition and our health, along with avoiding toxic food ingredients, skin-care products, and cleaners. I am currently serving the private and public sectors as an alternative holistic wellness practitioner, touch therapy practitioner, vegan raw food chef and natural skin care product artisan. 

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Welcome to 2022. Twenty-twenty one was another year for the history books. I am very happy to announce that I was successful in achieving a primary goal that I planned to achieve. I now have my soy candles in Nuts 'N Berries Market in metro Atlanta.  I was determined to get one of my many products into a retail store in 2021. I started early in 2021 presenting my products to multiple health and wellness retail stores in metro Atlanta. To ensure the manifestation of my goal I would visualize my products on the shelf in a retail health food store. By the end of November, I did not have any of my products in a retail health food store. However, I became even more persistent in my visualization of achieving my goal.  One afternoon in November after the Thanksgiving holiday I received an email from the co-owner of Nuts 'N Berries market asking me if I wanted to put my candles in the market for the holidays. Of course, I said YES. The co-owner placed the wholesale order and I was able to deliver within 4 days. This is just the beginning of Temple Keepers selling our products in the wholesale market. Temple Keepers is on its to becoming a household name and internationally known quality company that cares about you. I want to encourage you to never give up on your dreams. Persistence, hard work, and determination with applied faith always win. 

In celebration of my success, our aromatic candles are on sale until February 1, 2022  We introduced a new 4 oz candle tin with a variety of beautiful patterns.  This is a LIMITED EDITION offer.  15% off of all orders > $40 - use code  FC2QIZ10LEPA

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Peace and blessings! 

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Excellence in service is the priority of Temple Keepers. Our goal is to create an engaging lifestyle experience for you that will enhance your health, mind, and spirit while bringing balance to your well-being. 

Temple Keepers provides natural and simplistic alternatives to your health and wellness concerns. Our bodies are designed to naturally heal itself. With that in mind, we provide prevention and wellness education that empowers the consumer to make wise choices in food and healthcare management. Your health is your wealth, and maintaining balance in your life and your family’s lives is essential to your collective well-being. Temple Keepers seeks to serve the community by providing services and products that bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. We provide detoxifying and stress-reducing modalities to bring balance to the body.


Our skincare products are handmade, organic, and balancing for the body, mind, and spirit.