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Holiday Soy Candle Bundle- Set of four - 8 oz

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Product Details

I love setting the scene with a good candle. It's the aromatherapy I need to relax, be energized or hum around the house before the holiday ramp-up. This set comes in an attractive gift box ready to give as a gift or treat yourself.

Candle Fragrance Details

Avocado Mint

This refreshing mint blends with herbal, floral and wood notes to create the soft, pleasing scent of avocado mint. The notes for this blend include:

  • Top - peppermint, bergamot
  • Middle - jasmine, lavender, neroli
  • Bottom - cedarwood, guaicwood, moss


This happy aroma has an uplifting, crisp citrus of imported bergamot fruit. The notes for this uplifting candle include:

  • Top - orange
  • Middle - citrus
  • Bottom - coriander

Lavender Sandalwood

This fragrance is herbaceous, aromatic and sweet lavender highlight golden amber, forest moss and exotic woods of smooth sandalwood, cedar and earthy patchouli. The notes for this aromatic candle include:

  • Top – herbaceous lavender, eucalyptus
  • Middle – bergamot, amber, moss
  • Bottom – sandalwood, cedar, patchouli


This ozonic, airy lemongrass combines with citrus oils and juicy fresh accords. A bright and fresh herbal delight. The notes for this calming fragrance include:

  • Top- lemongrass, ozone, lemon-lime
  • Middle - apple, rose blossom
  • Bottom – sandalwood, vanilla, musk
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